Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Life Goes On...

I just can't believe next month it will be a year 
since I lost Steve,
 I go to his grave once a week and my heart 
breaks even more. 
I miss him and love him beyond words.
 I may be able to move on someday
 but I will never be the same, 
my heart will forever be broken.
I am trying to get back to crafting but its so hard,
I just don't feel inspired anymore. I've been working on a 
mini album for over a month and I am trying to
work on it more often, just not in the mood.
So I haven't gotten very far on it.
This past year is the first time I've ever lost
my mojo. Can someone please tell me
 how to get it back?
I really am trying to get my old self
back and I really want to get back
into youtube and blogging.

Loves N Hugs

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