Thursday, July 20, 2017


I'm so sorry its been forever since I have posted
anything on my blog but I've had so much going on.
As some of you know I lost my soul mate (Steven) last
month, on June 5th I called the ambulance and on 
June 15th he passed away. To make a long story short
 C-scan and MRI showed his heart was functioning
on 8 % and he had Subdural hematoma
 around his brain. He was heavily satiated for the 10 days
and strapped down. Every time he woke a little he started 
pulling on cords, so the straps helped so he couldn't do that, 
he was extremely confused and 
couldn't talk. On June 15th his heart stopped and they
couldn't bring him back to me. There are no words
to express just how much I loved that man.
We were together nine years and I will
never stop loving you baby.

10/28/1953 - 6/15/2017

Miss you baby....

Love N Hugs 

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