Sunday, May 22, 2016

IKEA Las Vegas

I was so excited this past Wednesday 
IKEA opened it's first store in Las Vegas. So 
you now I had to go. I ended up having to
park in a empty desert lot across from
the store with a ton of other people.
So I had a bit of a walk ahead of me
but I was excited so it didn't matter.
Like any Grand Opening it was extremely
busy but I was surprised how fast I did
get into the store. There was a line but it did
move fast. Once inside the store there
was so much to look at it was a bit
overwhelming. You have to walk 
through the entire store to get out of the store
and once I got what I went for I
really wanted out lol...
I'm going to wait until this fall and go back
and take my time looking at everything.
Here is what I got. Shelves for my craft room
and a Raskog cart. Love them all, but wow
it was heavy caring them back to my car.
I got home and put them all together,
now to fill them up...

Loves N Hugs 



  1. How much does the shelves and raskog cart costed you?

    1. Hi, the shelves were $3.99 each and the cart was $29.99


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