Saturday, March 5, 2016

Isn't it Funny....

...How some days while shopping
or in any store you feel like
people have gotten so rude and don't
even know how to say 
"Hello" and smile at anyone
anymore. I am not like that I say
Hi to everyone and share
a smile, in hopes that they are 
pleasant and say it back to me.
Most of the time they
don't, which I think is wrong.
Life is to short to be a snob.
You should be nice to 
everyone you meet.
I was at the P.O yesterday and there was
a lady behind me that was so sweet.
She is how I love people to be,
say Hi back and talk a bit. Don't act
rude to others, treat others as you
yourself would like to be
treated.. OMG I sound
like my mom lol....
Her husband ended up coming in
and I knew just that few 
minutes I had talked to her that he 
would also be a awesome person also.
It makes me so happy to know
that there are still people (strangers)
that are kind and 
aren't scared to show it.
Be kind to each other
Be yourself ....

Loves N Hugs


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