Monday, October 12, 2015

MyCrafts Self healing cutting mat..

At first glance I thought this cutting mat to be very pleasing to the eye. The blue color is calming and when I am in my craft room that is a bonus to me. As I took this mat out of the box I was extremely happy with the feel of it, very heavy and well made. After all it does weight 1.1 lbs. I have another craft mat (Fiskars cutting mat) that is just a little larger then this one and I really like it but comparing it to this MyCrafts Mat, it feels cheap. I paid very little for this mat, I received the mat at a highly discounted rate and I am giving my honest opinion, all opinions are my own. I really like the guide lines on it, I don't always stand straight in front of my desk so it's nice that there are lines going cross wise on this mat. I have already put my other craft/cutting mat in the closet and I will keep using this one. I cut on this mat while working on a tag and I tried to cut as deep as I could. I didn't hurt the mat at all, all I can see on
the mat is a few scratches. This mat is very thick, having 
five layers, it seems to do as it states and is in
fact self healing. I would recommend this mat to a friend 
or family member. I love it.

Hugs N Loves



  1. Hi Terri! New subbie on you tube and your follower here as well ;) .Happy birthday! :) I dont have a blog .(maybe shortly ;) )

    1. Thank you Rosaleen I'm happy to see you here girl hugs Terrie


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