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My New Desk...

I got this desk at and I adore it. But I want to get two, I went online to purchase another one this week. But they are sold out. If anyone  see's it anywhere else Please let me  know. I'm not sure if it is exclusive at or not. I want to get another one so I can put them back to back and have my computer on one side and my work space on the other. So please keep a eye out for me. Its called the Hamilton X Slate office desk.

Thank you

Collective Haul and about Giveaways


Awesome News...

Hi Ladies I have some news to share with you and I hope you will play along. I have created a new blog just for  GIVEAWAYS!!! Thats right I said giveaways. Once a  month I will be doing a giveaway on this blog. Weather I have one follower or 3000. The more ladies I get the better. I think it will be so much fun and I hope you enjoy to. Hope to see you all follow soon. Go to just copy and paste. See You soon..
Hugs N Loves Terrie