Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Its been along time coming...

Today, although really HOT here, was
a great day. I got to make a order
at for all kinds of Graphic 45
paper, which I will share when it comes in.
 I went to Joann's and bought a few
goodies that I wanted right away like a
new score board cuz I bought the
MS paper cutter/score board and I really
disliked that thing. So when I bought
my BOSTON cutter I decided
to take that one back and just get the
score board.

Its Been along time coming...

My husband and I broke up May of 2002.
Well today I got a lawyer to finally get
my divorce over and done with.
And I am taking my maiden name back.
I can't wait until its all done.
Then I have to go to the DMV and my bank
along with a few other places to show
that my name changed.
Should be fun LOL but well worth the pain..

Hugs N Loves

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