Monday, September 1, 2014

Creative Bloggers Hop

I was invited by Kristina (Craftypaws) to participate in the Creative Bloggers Hop!
The Creative Blogger Hop is a continuous hop every Monday with a host of inspirational bloggers taking part every week.
The creative  blogger selected answers some questions related to their style and creative process.
They may share how they get their creative mojo or share some little tip with you!
In turn, they select 3 Bloggers that have been a source of inspiration to them
and that they would like to showcase and feature.

What Am I Working On At The Moment?

Right now I am working on a altered box with a 
matching Mini album inside for my sons girlfriend.
I can't wait until it's finished so I can watch her
face when she gets it. I also have a small
mini album started that I am going to finish when
I'm done with the altered box.

How Does My Work Differ From Others In My Genre?

I'm not sure that its all that different I do however
prefer a clean and simple style. I don't usually
load my projects with to much stuff. I don't stick to
one style, I like working with shabby, clean and simple
and vintage. 

Why Do I Write/Craft What I Do?

 I craft as a way to relax. When I'm crafting
my problems disappear and I don't
think about what is happening in the world.
Its my little bit of heaven on earth and I Love it.
I also love the look on someones face
when I give them something
I created with my own two hands.
I craft what I do simply because I love it.

How Does My Creative Process Work?

 It all depends on what I'm making. If I'm making
a card my process starts with the digital image or stamp.
I pick out the image I want to use, color it, then pick
out my papers for it. After my papers are all picked out 
that is when I find all the embellishments I want to use on it.
Then I put it all together, I always lay it all out before
I glue anything down.
When it comes to making a mini album, I always figure
out what size I want to make, make the bones of 
the covers then pick my paper.
When it comes to everything I make I always try
to lay it all out before I glue anything down, I 
always seem to change my mind on the 
positioning of the embellishments.

Thank you so much for hopping along
and stopping by. I will post who 
I invite to hop along.

Hugs N Loves



  1. Thanks for sharing about yourself! I guess your not gluing things down is like how carpenters measure twice before they cut. I just glue as I go and sometimes I have to pull things apart. LOL TFS Big hugs, Kristina

    1. I like to move stuff around to much before i glue lol yw chickie hugs Terrie


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