Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So Unfair....

So yesterday I was sitting starting a
new mini when the man I'm
in love with walked over to my desk
and asked "Are you going to see
Jay (my son) tomorrow". When I said Yes I am,
He said "well you might want to ask him
if you can stay with him awhile.
I looked up at him and said "Why".
When he said "because I want you out by
the end of the week" I felt my heart
break. I instantly started crying
which I did for four hours after to.
I could not believe my ears or eyes the man
I thought I'd spend the rest of my life
with changed in a instant.
My loving, sweet Steve had turned into
a asshole and I never thought this would happen.
He said I'm not willing to have the 
life style he wants and he is 60 now so
the rest of his life is HIS and its all
about HIM now, not me.
I just thought wow if he is willing to give me up
for a curtain life style then
FUCK HIM!!!! He must not have ever
loved me. Even though he stated "I use to 
be in love with you". WOW again.
We had one fight in the 6 years together
I just wanted to crawl into bed and
never wake up..How, why, I don't understand.

Sorry for the F bomb but that best describes how I
feel right now. I feel so broken.

hugs n loves Terrie


  1. I'm so sorry friend. My heart is breaking for you! I'm here for you and I know there are good things in store for you. Hugs!

  2. He said what? ass hole let me at him selfish git!!!!!!!!!!! if i was there with you i would put my arms around you and take you home with me! you deserve so much more. Be strong i'm sending big hugs to you love Amanda xxxxxxx

  3. Hey Terrie, Although I know of you only as a YouTube follower, I can definitely empathise with your situation... My mom was just told almost the same thing by the man she loved and was with for over 5 years. He said now that he's retiring he doesn't want to be held back in life and wants to be free to do as he pleases.

    You know what we say to those men? "See you never!"

    We all make choices in life and some people are so caught up in making choices for right now, that they don't think about the long run.

    Keep your head up, and dance to the beat of your own drum for a while. Take the opportunity to enjoy things you may have put aside to be with him and realise you are still just as amazing a person without him.

    Super tight awesome hugs!!

  4. Prayers and positive energy coming your way. I know it is bad right now, but thank goodness he finally showed his true colors! Remember, it has nothing to do with you, he is a selfish, stupid idiotic jerk! He doesn't know a good thing when it's right in front of him. Let him go, you deserve a million times better!! Take care, God Bless!! Love ya' Patricia

  5. Oh my sweets... I am so sorry that you are hurting... I know it sounds repetitive but the Lord does not give you more than you can handle... We love you and will be here when and if you need us... Please don't let him take your joy... God bless you and watch over you always... Scrappy hugs.

  6. I'm so sorry to hear that terrie I can't believe someone can be so mean to someone he has been with for years but you know what he won't know what he had till it's gone. You deserve so much better sweetie don't let him steal your happiness I know it will be tuff for awhile it will get easier over time ..Sending prayers your way may the Lord give you the strength to deal with all the hard days .. Big Hugs my friend

  7. Terrie I can't believe someone who has been with you for so many years be so mean to you I'm so sorry that you have to go thru this he won't know what he had till it's gone. You deserve so much better sweetie don't let him steal your happiness .Sending prayers your way may the Lord give you the strength to deal with all the hard days. . Big Hugs my friend .. Carmen

  8. So sorry to hear that you experienced this. I usually don't comment on youtube on personal situations but I feel compelled to do so. Lift your head high. This man no longer loves. Why stay with someone who no longer cares for you. There is something wonderful heading for you. Dry your tears and believe that something awesome will come from this horrible mess. BELIEVE! very sorry !!! hugs evelyn

  9. Oh my, I am so, so, so sorry to hear this Terrie. I will keep you in my prayers, put it into the Lords hands and do what you need to do.

  10. Terri. .. I'm so sorry u are going through this. He must not relize what he's got. The grass is never greener on the other side. Just remember u are a very beautiful woman and u deserve the better. Prayers coming your way to stay strong. Big hugs to u. Im here for u if u need to talk.

  11. Terrie, I'm so sorry to hear this. This is awful. How can one person do that to another?! It kinda sounds like he's having a not-so-midlife crisis. I'm sending you lots of love and big hugs. I'm here for you if you need me. Hugs! Wendy

  12. Terror, Wow. I'm so sorry to hear this. Stay strong!!!! Karma will find him. I know hard it may be but, stay strong and have faith! Please keep in touch with us...Diane


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