Saturday, June 21, 2014


As you know I can't craft right now
but I will be dropping in every
so often to say hi. And give you all
a update on what is happening.
As of right now I'm still at home but
it gets harder everyday because 
he is being a total asshole to me and
making me miserable. 
I plan on moving out Monday morning
and it can not come soon
enough, I cant wait to get away from

Hugs N loves


  1. he should move out! i will keep you in my prayers.

  2. You should come out to AZ , my hubby did the exact same thing to me in April! The last week I was there was the longest week ever! I am going through a divorce now and believe me it is hard. But I have to say it is so much nicer to be living alone than with someone that don't love you. I am sorry that you are groping through this Terri it really sucks. If you ever want to start over, call me cause you can stay with me anyrtime! Hugs Trudy

  3. Going not sorry!


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