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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Cutest dog ever...

As you guys know I'm not in the
best health and I've been 
looking for just the right puppy to
get so I have a companion, you know to 
cheer me up when I need it.
I went to the gas station today and there 
was this lovely lady sitting in a car
with the cutest puppy, I fell in love with it.
So sweet, she stated that she was taking it
to her mom and dad's that she had
a stroke and wasn't able to keep him
after she rescued it. :( how sad.
I wish I would have met her sooner
I wanted to take him home with me so bad.
I think she said it was a  shih tzu pug mix.
I've talked to the HS here and they 
want $250 for a small dog, i cant afford that.
Any way that is my sob story today.
I fell in love now i'm broken hearted
but you know I'll get over it.

Hugs N Loves Terrie

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