Sunday, April 6, 2014

I ♥ Photography...

I am working on a not so mini Mini album
at this time so this post is a little
different. As I know most of you do
I ♥ Photography, when I was in college at the
International Culinary School  at the
Art Institute of Las Vegas, before I got
sick, I was going to start photography
classes as my other major. After I got sick
I had to quit school all together.
But I still have a love for 
taking photos. Here is just a couple I
took this morning nothing to
great. Mostly cuz everything outside
right now is brown lol...This summer I'll
share nice photos of the green
beautiful trees and other landscape 
here in Michigan.

Hugs N Loves

Keep Crafting....Terrie

Terrie Surface © 2014 OneCraftyCookie


  1. Your photos are gorgeous, Terrie! Thanks for sharing them. Hugs! Wendy

    1. Hi Wendy thank you so much hunny hugs Terrie

  2. I love nature pix. My son, who would rather be chasing tornadoes, often takes weather pix and post's them on fb. Your pix are fabulous. They make me wish you had been able to finish your education. But you keep taking pix and someday one of yours might hit National Geographic! TFS Jess

    1. lol I doubt NG will ever want anything I take but thank you so much for the inspiration to try that someday hugs Terrie


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