Friday, January 3, 2014

Forgive and Forget..

This April it will be four years since I got 
sick at work. For those of you who 
don't know. I was working for a large
storage company, had my own property 
loved my job so much. They never 
properly fixed the roof so it leaked.
January and February of 2010 it
rained a lot and my roof in my building
leaked so bad. They were to worried
about saving money, kept putting band aids over
the roof instead of fixing it right.
April 5th I couldn't breath, my bf ran me
to the ER. They put me into the hospital
they had trouble getting my 
breathing back. Finally on the 4th day there
my bf asked if I had told my doctor
about the black mold in the units.
I said "No why would I", he said just do it.
So when I told my doctor she said, I wish
you would have told me that four days ago.
My lungs are damaged due to Black Mold.
As soon as my company found out
I could not work they just wrote me off,
took me out of the computer that day. 
And they moved on. Not once have
they tried to contact me. I cry still
when I think about it cuz my life will
never be the same. I loved the company
and I wanted to retire with them someday.
To know they don't care about me
really hurts. We moved to Michigan
to be around the grand kids.
However I can't breath here so we have 
to move back to Vegas as soon as we
save the money. So I just want to say
2014 I need to Forgive the company I worked for 
and forget, so that I can move on.

What is your New Year Resolution?...


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    1. Happy New Year hun I hope this year brings you everything you've ever wanted..hugs Terrie


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