Sunday, September 1, 2013

Tell Me...

A little about yourself.......
Well ok we will get into that later, right now let me tell you a little about me. 
I was born in Grantsburg Wisconsin (Northwest) the youngest of six children.
I use to tease my parents that it took them six tries to get it right lol. 
There is five girls and one boy, ranging from 57 yrs old to
me 46 yrs old. We lived outside of town until I was 5 yrs old
when our home burned down. At that time we moved into
my dad's best friends old farm house "The Skull Ranch" until
I was 9 yrs old when my parents bought the house in
town. I loved living there I had so much freedom to do
whatever I wanted to do. My mother was a cook for years
at the restaurant in Grantsburg. My daddy was a 
machinist at McNallys and a Police officer for well over 30 yrs. 
I spent much of my time while growing up baby setting
for my siblings children. I gave up many weekends and way to many
summers watching my nieces and nephews, even though
they did pay me for my time. I do not mean
this as any disrespect to my siblings or their kids but
I wish I could go back I would have said NO once or twice and
had more fun with my friends while growing up.
The time I was home I spent time at the pool or during
the winter at the Ice skating rink. I also spent tons of time with
my dad fishing and hunting. I guess I was like the second boy he never got lol.
He was probably really happy I was a tomboy.
At this time Grantsburg was a town of about 800 people so my
parents never worried about me, everyone knew everyone.
After I turned 13 yrs old it was like being a only child at home
with mom and dad, everyone else had moved out.

To Be Continued.......

Hugs N Loves....Terrie

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