Tuesday, September 3, 2013

....More About Me....

So there really isn't much more to say, I had such a awesome childhood.
I guess you could say I was very spoiled. But I still worked for
what I had. When I was 14 yrs old I saved up money and
bought a Huffy 10 speed bike from a girl in town. I think it was 
about 2 weeks later my dad, mom and I went to my 
cousin Maxine's wedding. The next day I went out to the porch to
get my bike and someone stoled it right off the porch with
my dad's cop car in the drive way. So the very next day my daddy
went and bought me a brand new Yellow 10 speed, 
I LOVED that he did that for me, it ment so much.
He was my best friend while growing up.
I lived in Grantsburg until I was 18 yrs old, 
after graduation, I moved to Siren Wisconsin where I met my ex husband.
I have two sons Bradley is 27 yrs old now and James is 
25 yrs old. I lost my mom in 1996 and my daddy in 1997.
He missed her so much that year after she passed he 
just wanted to be with her. If someone would have told me you will
lose both your parents before you turn 30 yrs old I would have
said no way. Then in 97 I also lost my sister in law and in 98 my 
mother in law so that was a bad three years.
In 2000 I moved to Michigan, worst move ever.
I got divorced in 2002 when I moved to Las Vegas Nv.
I moved back to Michigan in 2011 but I'd love to head back to 
Las Vegas with in the next few years. I have three beautiful grand daughters
here in Michigan Aliana is 5 yrs old, Hannah is 4 yrs old
and Zoe is 1 yr old. 

Hugs N Loves


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