Sunday, July 21, 2013

Life is to short...

             Sometimes things happen in life that make you realize just how short it is. This past Thursday night our neighbors were back at the lake behind us, partying like usual. I do not want to put names in this blog post but One dared another to swim across the lake, this was around 11:30 pm. The one that did the daring was raised on this lake and swam it thousands of times.  As they started swimming the one that was dared turned back, he really didn't want to even try it cuz they all had been drinking. Well little did they know it would be the last time they would see the one who dared him alive again. They found his body about ten feet off the other shore line, face up. Dead at 53 years old. First thing I thought was, what a senseless loss. Most people don't realize while they are doing it but water, as in swimming and alcohol do not mix. It really makes you think how short life can be and how fast a life can be taken. I feel for his family, no parent should ever out live their child even when that child is 53 years old. So as I close this post all I can say is God Bless you all and live life like everyday might just be your last. Be safe and take care of you...

Hugs N Loves........Terrie


  1. Man, that is so sad. God bless you my love! Hugs ~Barbie

    1. Thanks mama it is so sad I feel for the family hugs Terrie

  2. Oh Terrie this is so sad.
    But yes alcohol can change ones judgement and not usually in the best way.
    So sorry for his family and friends

    1. It really is so sad. thanks for commenting Tracy hope your doing well hugs Terrie


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