Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Birthday card

Sybil who is JandSib80 on Youtube is having a few 51'st Birthday challenges, 1st one was to show your face in a video, 2nd was to create a birthday card or Valentine's day card, you dont have to send it to her but I'm going to. 3rd was just watch and comment enter me on her video. I did all 3 which was very hard because I don't like showing my face on video cuz I swell so bad but I was a brave cookie and did it anyway lol, I'm so proud of myself. I also did the part 2 and that is what I'm sharing today the birthday card I made for Sybil. I am sending it to her this week, she has already seen it and she liked it YAY thats always a good thing lol. So this is the card I made.


The pink trim is from FreeSpirit Favorites on Etsy..Love it..
WOC roses

Hugs N Loves
                 Keep Crafting......Terrie
Created By Terrie Surface © 2013 OneCraftyCookie

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