Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My Next Little Giveaway

Hi guys I'm here today to ask your opinion on my next little giveaway. As most of you know I do my giveaways a couple times a month and I do them in a random video. You never know when they are coming because I do not title that video giveaway. hehe sneaky sneaky ha...For my next giveaway I'm leaving it up to you guys. So this leads me to my question for you "If you could have one of my creations which one would it be? Now in this giveaway I will be including my art tiles and a card from me to you. So don't say Art tiles lol cuz you are going to get them no mater what. So tell me "What do you want" ............

Hugs N Loves

                       Keep Crafting...........Terrie


  1. I know a card isn't what you had in mind, but I keep going back to drool over the Ladies Diary card. Soooo beautiful! Teena

  2. My favorite items you've made are your altered mason jars and the altered spice rack :) Love them! You always put so much heart into everything you make!! Whoever wins will cherish it :)

  3. Hi sweet Terrie, I would choose the Ladies' Diary Shadowbox! Beautiful! Hugs, Pam xxx

  4. Hi Terrie, I would have to choose the alter books, I love them

  5. Hi Terrie - I would LOVE to have the Ladies Diary Shadowbox. How sweet of you. Hugs, marla


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