Monday, July 9, 2012

No Air Conditioning...

Yes it's true our air went out during a storm we had last week. I tell you a week with no central air is not awesome. Last Thursday it hit 100 here with humidity the real feel was 115 I was sitting at my computer sweating, I'm all for a sauna just not so much into turning my home into a hot sauna. The AC people are suppose to be back today with the AC unit that goes outside. So I really hope they don't call and say it wasn't delivered yet. Not to mention sleeping is not happening right away at night, I lay and wait to cool down lol so I can sleep. We went to Meijer's last Friday and bought a LASKO Cyclone 18" 5 blade fan with a remote haha I know right who needs a remote for a fan, well I guess we did because it is the one that Steve picked out. The fan has different settings so it's kind of a smart fan, the problem was we still have to get up because we weren't smart enough to buy AAA batteries for the remote lol...oh well I really don't mind getting up if I want to change the settings. My fingers are crossed that our AC unit comes home today. Just had to share what I am stressing about this week haha...

hugs n loves Terrie

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