Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm Still Here..

Although I have not made a YT video in a few days I'm still here. I usually do not craft on Saturday and Sunday because we go shopping on Saturdays and Sunday is Steve's day off. I do have some house work as in dishes and vacuuming tomorrow but I will try to at least make a card. I've been thinking about starting one of my smash books. I want to start eating healthier, not so much a diet but I do want to start watching my intake of calories. I am going to eat breakfast, small snack, lunch, snack, and supper. I also want to stop eating anything after supper unless it's just a one cup bowl of fruit. But nothing except water after 8pm, I have to start taking care of ME because no one else will. So I am going to use one of my smash books to keep track of my weight, meals and snacks. I will share it along the way once a week. Possibly not my weight lol but what I am eating and drinking...My biggest problem is I swell so bad in my legs, feet, neck and face. So I am hoping that losing weight will make that problem so away. Besides I'm sure it will help my blood pressure and other heath problems. later guys.

hugs n loves..
                         Keep Crafting...........Terrie
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  1. Sounds like a good plan!! Good luck!!

  2. i would like to start getting healthier too. I have too many health issues. would love to see any healthy recipes and need some encouragement too!

    1. Hi Diane I've been researching and it looks like I need to eat more raw foods HAHA that's just not happening..Then only thing I like raw are very few veggies and fruit. But as you know a ton of fruits are just full of sugar. But we can do this. are you in the US. We should call each other sometime give some encouragement or talk about the piece of cheese cake we ate and should have lol...hugs Terrie


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