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Altered Box

Hi guys this is a small altered box I created for my business cards I wanted them on my desk where I could get to them easily but I didnt want them out in the open where they might get dusty. Then I remembered I picked up a few boxes at a yard sale for a quarter each so I used one. This box was the perfect size for my cards. I started the box by painting it white, picking out my paper and embellishments, then I went to town lol...

On the top of the box I used flowers from Sacrafter on Zibbet, Wild Orchid Craft flowers and a few porcelain flowers. I used some seam binding from WOC along with a ribbon buckle and pearl.

The paper is K & Company. I also used some bling. On the inside cover there is a bow of seam binding with a ladies dress charm on it.

The top is covered in a purple flower trim. I stamped beautiful on the same paper line I used and made it into a small banner. I really love how it came out and I love seeing it on my desk. Hope you like it..

Hugs N Loves....


Birdcage I made today.

I was inspired to make this birdcage by Steff who is brownbabycraftaholic on Youtube. She made one and I thought it was so cute I had to try it. After I made mine I seen she had a tutorial lol, wish I would have seen it before but I made mine a bit different but that is ok.  Check out her tutorial if you want a fun project to do.

I used four different trims and laces on the bottom of the cage. Inside I made a nest from shabby sheek flowers and I put a small silk/organza flower and a old piece of jewelry behind the bird.

There is white seam binding at the top in a bow and enough to hang it up if wanted. I used flowers from Sacrafter, Wild orchid crafts, and porcelain.

I made this birdcage so it can either be sat on a base or hung from a shelf or where ever you want to hang it. I painted the chip board white, I wanted it to look like old medal. I really love the way it turned out. Thanks for looking...

Hugs N Loves

                        Keep Crafting...........Terrie
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Baby Shower Card

My youngest son Jay and his girlfriend Miranda are expecting a baby girls in September. They are naming her Zoe May. I made her a card to go with her gifts I got her and the baby.

Inside card...

I really hope she likes what I got her..I don't know the names of the papers I used I really need to start listing the products and paper names I use for my creations lol sorry I don't.

hugs n loves

                     Keep Crafting...........Terrie
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I'm Still Here..

Although I have not made a YT video in a few days I'm still here. I usually do not craft on Saturday and Sunday because we go shopping on Saturdays and Sunday is Steve's day off. I do have some house work as in dishes and vacuuming tomorrow but I will try to at least make a card. I've been thinking about starting one of my smash books. I want to start eating healthier, not so much a diet but I do want to start watching my intake of calories. I am going to eat breakfast, small snack, lunch, snack, and supper. I also want to stop eating anything after supper unless it's just a one cup bowl of fruit. But nothing except water after 8pm, I have to start taking care of ME because no one else will. So I am going to use one of my smash books to keep track of my weight, meals and snacks. I will share it along the way once a week. Possibly not my weight lol but what I am eating and drinking...My biggest problem is I swell so bad in my legs, feet, neck and face. So I am hoping th…

My Best Friend

I've been trying to get a hold of my friend Dar in las Vegas Nv since early May. We talked on the phone all the time since I moved to Michigan. Before I moved to Michigan Steve and I lived in a 55 or older Senior Apartments, Beautiful apartments and grounds, huge pool and hot tub. While I lived there I got very close to Darline she would come over in the morning after Steve would go to work, we'd watch movies, have breakfast, then lunch. She would go home around 2pm nap then meet me at the pool later. She was my best friend and one of the sweetest ladies I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even though she was 70 yrs old we got along as if we were the same age, we'd laugh everyday. We had so much fun together even if she was suffering from Cancer she never let it show. Like I was saying started calling the begining of May kept getting her voice mail, started getting very worried because we talked all the time I'd gotten her voice mail before but she always called…

New Card

Hi just wanted to stop by and show you the card I made yesterday for my niece. She will be 30 on the 17th and I wanted to make her a cute card. I made her a few other things but I'm not showing them on my blog because I'm not sure she would not sneak a look and I do not want her looking lol...She got her birthday present from her husband early and would not wait until her bday to open it. So today I showed her the box I am sending her on friday and she has no choice but to wait for it. (Evil laugh)...

I hope you like it, I used  Prima paper, WOC's flowers, Mo's digital pencil. I love the colors.

loves n hugs

                       Keep Crafting...........Terrie
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No Air Conditioning...

Yes it's true our air went out during a storm we had last week. I tell you a week with no central air is not awesome. Last Thursday it hit 100 here with humidity the real feel was 115 I was sitting at my computer sweating, I'm all for a sauna just not so much into turning my home into a hot sauna. The AC people are suppose to be back today with the AC unit that goes outside. So I really hope they don't call and say it wasn't delivered yet. Not to mention sleeping is not happening right away at night, I lay and wait to cool down lol so I can sleep. We went to Meijer's last Friday and bought a LASKO Cyclone 18" 5 blade fan with a remote haha I know right who needs a remote for a fan, well I guess we did because it is the one that Steve picked out. The fan has different settings so it's kind of a smart fan, the problem was we still have to get up because we weren't smart enough to buy AAA batteries for the remote lol...oh well I really don't mind gett…

Happy and Safe 4th of July.

Happy 4th of July....

I wish you all a very safe and happy 4th of July. Steve and I went
last night and rented movies so we wouldn't have to go anywhere
today. Today to celebrate the 4th we are in our P.j's lol. We do
not want to go out in the holiday traffic and tonight for supper we
are grilling hot dogs. So please be safe and have a wonderful time

tonight with your families. I hope you have a ton of fun...hugs n loves.

"America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand."

                             Keep Crafting...........Terrie
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