Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Light Switch Cover

This is the light switch cover I made today. I love making these and they really do dress up a room. I have one in my craft room and it makes me smile every time I turn my light on. I'm thinking about putting these in my zibbet store and you pick the colors. So if someone wants a polka dotted paper with purple flowers, I can do you like it...


                                  Keep Crafting............Terrie

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  1. The light switch is beautiful Terrie! The new layout and design of your blog looks awesome!
    Thanks for swinging by :D

    1. Thanks Lina, I didn't want to say anything until it comes out but I'm going to be in a magazine from Wisconsin July/aug issue so I wanted to make sure this was up to par before the issue comes out lol..hugs Terrie


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