Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cellophane Envelopes

I have been looking for cellophone envelopes for awhile now and every site I looked at they were $17, $18, or $19 dollars which I thought was  just not the right price for me. So Tuesday night I was looking in Ebay and I found some that looked like good quality envelopes for my cards and flowers. I looked at the seller and she had many sales with 100 % positive feedback which means a lot to me. But of course what means the most to someone who don't have a high income is the price. I paid only $8.00 + shipping for 100 envelopes.  Which I thought was a wonderful price and so much cheaper then the others I've found.  So I placed the order with doozie55 on Tuesday night, Wednesday morning I got a email that my order was shipped. I was shocked when I got the mail on Friday and it was there already. I found these envelopes to be great quality, very heavy duty. After getting my order I found out they also have a website its called So girls if you looking for quality cellophane envelopes check out this seller on ebay. I was very pleased and will order again. Thank you Jocelyn for having a quality product that I am proud to put my cards and crafts in.


                Keep Crafting ..............Terrie

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