Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Life Goes On...

I just can't believe next month it will be a year 
since I lost Steve,
 I go to his grave once a week and my heart 
breaks even more. 
I miss him and love him beyond words.
 I may be able to move on someday
 but I will never be the same, 
my heart will forever be broken.
I am trying to get back to crafting but its so hard,
I just don't feel inspired anymore. I've been working on a 
mini album for over a month and I am trying to
work on it more often, just not in the mood.
So I haven't gotten very far on it.
This past year is the first time I've ever lost
my mojo. Can someone please tell me
 how to get it back?
I really am trying to get my old self
back and I really want to get back
into youtube and blogging.

Loves N Hugs

Thursday, October 12, 2017

New Cards

Hi ladies just wanted to drop
by and share a few cards I made for
a order I got. Its been months since
I have really created anything so
its a little hard getting back into it.
But I am trying to take my 
life back and start over without
Steve, it's so hard.
Hope you like my cards.

I will be creating more cards and 
sharing as I get them finished.
Thank you to those of you who have
stuck with me through out all
of whats been going on in my life.

Hugs N Loves

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Happy Early Birthday to Me

I am so excited two weeks ago I went
and picked up my birthday gift to myself.
A 2017 Ford Fusion and it now has
191 miles on it. I really don't like car payments
but its worth it. Such a pretty car, I'v had
newer cars but never brand new. 
Our old car was a 1999 Saturn SC2
3 door, we didn't have air for the past
7 years and the past month the drivers side
window wouldn't roll up, So it was time.
Oh yeah the clear coat was coming off
and there was a chunk missing from
the front fender lol...
But I adore my new car and well lets
just say Steve would have loved it to.

I hope you all like it as much as I do.
Stinks the registering costs

Loves N Hugs 

Four Months Ago.....Life is short...

Hi crafty peeps, well as you might know by
the title of this post it's been 4 months
on the 15th since Steve passed away and no
words can express how much I miss him
and still, always will love him. 
But I know how Steve was and he would want
me to start living and move on. So
I had a pep talk with myself and it went like this.

Terrie what the fuck is wrong with you,
do you really think it's helping to mope around
all the time. Its time to get your head out
of your ass and start living life. Steve would want
you to be happy and live, whether he is here
or not. ( I told myself a bit more but I can't
post the language I used on here lol)

Steve will always be in my heart and 
forever be apart of my soul.

 I've been asked out
a lot so I think I'm going to just say yes and
go have some fun... After all I'll be 51
this month and life is to short to not
live it to the fullest.

Btw I'm back in my craft room now
and I'll post the card I created and the one
I'm working on. I will also post something I 
got myself for my birthday this year and probably
the next 6 years lol...

Loves N Hugs 


Saturday, July 29, 2017

My New Craft Room Finished

I have been trying to keep very busy
it really does help keep my mind
off things that are happening
around me. This is how my room
is going to stay, lol for now anyway.
I really do like it, now to start
crafting again. If you have any questions
about products you see or anything else
 just ask, I will answer.  
 I really hope that you love it as I do.


Thursday, July 20, 2017


I'm so sorry its been forever since I have posted
anything on my blog but I've had so much going on.
As some of you know I lost my soul mate (Steven) last
month, on June 5th I called the ambulance and on 
June 15th he passed away. To make a long story short
 C-scan and MRI showed his heart was functioning
on 8 % and he had Subdural hematoma
 around his brain. He was heavily satiated for the 10 days
and strapped down. Every time he woke a little he started 
pulling on cords, so the straps helped so he couldn't do that, 
he was extremely confused and 
couldn't talk. On June 15th his heart stopped and they
couldn't bring him back to me. There are no words
to express just how much I loved that man.
We were together nine years and I will
never stop loving you baby.

10/28/1953 - 6/15/2017

Miss you baby....

Love N Hugs 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I can't believe it......

Omg I can't believe I haven't posted in
my blog since December wow, I guess time really
does get away for you when your busy.
I will be coming in more often and sharing my
cards and hauls.  I've bought lots of goodies
since I will in here last. I'll share some
pictures soon. Glad to be back.

Hugs N Loves

Life Goes On...

I just can't believe next month it will be a year  since I lost Steve,  I go to his grave once a week and my heart  breaks even m...